The Emayani Beach Lodge is a birding extravaganza, offering a variety of habitats with many bird species, some unique to the area. A walk along the beach or a short boat trip to the offshore island of Maziwe will reward you with dozens of migrant and resident species of shorebird and wader as well as the fishing raptors and occasional seabirds. Leading from the lodge are many paths into the coastal forest with its rich variety of bird species. The lodge can arrange a kayak for a short paddle to the nearby mangrove with its unique species. Estuaries, sisal plantations and the higher-elevation Msumbugwe Forest are other attractive, easily accessed areas with their unique resident and migratory species.

Brown-Breasted Barbet
A large eastern barbet, common in the coastal forest, often seen around the lodge.

Crested Barbet
An uncommonly seen woodland barbet in moister areas, this one on the beach at the lodge..

Immature Bateleur
A widespread, common raptor, flying along the beach.

White-Throated Bee-Eater
An intra-African migrant from southern Sahara, a small flock at the beach.

Female Speckle-Throated Woodpecker
Uncommon in a variety of woodlands, this one near the lodge.

Lizard Buzzard
A common raptor in the coastal lowlands, this one in Ushongo village.

Immature Long-Tailed Cormorant
This immature cormorant was fishing in the mangrove swamp just north of the lodge.

Long-Tailed Cormorant
An adult also in the mangrove swamp.

Immature Fork-Tailed Drongo
Another of the most common birds in Tanzania, at the lodge.

African Fish-Eagle
This raptor traversed the shore daily.

Little Egret
Seen in the mangrove north of the lodge.

Amur Falcon
Passage migrants from China, feeding on termites brought out by recent rains on the Msumbugwe savanna, several kilometers west of the lodge

Juvenile Somber Greenbul
Common in coastal thicket, this one at the lodge.

Immature Sooty Gull
A winter visitor from northeast Africa and the Middle East, at the lodge.

Wahlberg’s Eagle
A resident and intra-African migrant, here seen on the Msumbugwe savanna.

African Harrier-Hawk
This immature was raiding weaver nests behind the lodge.

Mangrove Kingfisher
Common in coastal forests and mangroves, near the lodge.

Striped Kingfisher
At the lodge.

Bronze Mannikin
At the lodge.

Black Coucal
In wetlands near Ushongo village.

White-Backed Night-Heron
Often seen in the mangrove just north of the lodge.

Narina Trogon
Msumbugwe forest.

African Black-Headed Oriole
At the lodge.

Eurasian Golden Oriole
Palearctic migrant seen at the lodge.

Collared Palm-Thrush
Gathering nest material at the lodge.

African Green Pigeon
At the lodge.

Immature & Adult Crab Plover
A migrant from Somalia and the Middle East, these on Maziwe reef/sandbar.

Broad-Billed Roller
Adult seen in the Msumbugwe forest, several kilometers west of the lodge.

Immature Broad-Billed Roller
Immature, also seen in the Msumbugwe forest.

African Skimmer
On the beach near the lodge.

Southern Banded Snake-Eagle
Fairly common raptor of coastal forest, this one a short walk north of the lodge.

Adult & Immature Black-Bellied Starling
Common in coastal forest and bush, here in the mangrove just north of the lodge.

Little Yellow Flycatcher
A coastal endemic, here in Msumbugwe Forest.

Mouse-Coloured Sunbird
A coastal sunbird of East Africa, here seen a short walk north of the lodge.

Lesser Crested Tern
A common visitor from breeding grounds in the Red Sea, seen along the beach by the lodge.

Kurrichane Thrush
Often seen around the lodge.

Ruddy Turnstone
A winter visitor, usually seen feeding on decaying plant material at the tide line, near the lodge.

Whimbrel & Grey Plover
Palearctic winter visitors along the shore near the lodge.

Immature Palm-Nut Vulture
Commonly seen along the shore.

Village Weaver
One of the most common, widespread weaver species, this pair at the lodge.

Golden Pipit
Msumbugwe Forest.

Displaying Pin-Tailed Whydah
At the lodge.

Emerald-Spotted Wood-Dove
At the lodge.

Barred Owlet
Msumbugwe Forest.

Green-Backed Woodpecker
The nominate race is an uncommonly seen woodpecker of coastal lowlands, this male at the lodge.