• Finding us at Emayani Beach Lodge

Getting here

Emayani Beach Lodge is located 16 km south of Pangani town, on Tanzania’s northern mainland coast. Distances within Tanzania are :

  • 377 km from Dar Es Salaam,
  • 436 km from Arusha,
  • 80 km from Old Stone Town (Zanzibar),
  • 66 km from Tanga.


There are daily scheduled flights into Tanga and Pangani with:

Self drive

From Arusha 
Follow the main road through Moshi, take a right turn at Himo on the road to Dar es Salaam, and then proceed to Segera. Here at the junction to Dar es Salaam, continue straight on the road to Tanga for 35kms until the town of Muheza. Turn right at the first fuel station on the right hand side, which takes you on a dirt road for 42kms to the Tanga/Pangani junction. Turn right toward Pamgani and to the ferry. The ferry crossing operates daily from 0600 – 2000hrs. 

After the ferry crossing, turn left and go up the hill. Stay left, while taking the Kikokwe route and continue towards the ocean. Further on you will find a large rock sign pointing you left for the last 2.5 kms. to Emayani Beach Lodge.

From Dar es Salaam
Either: Follow the main road to Chalinzi and at the Morogoro/Segera junction turn right to Segera. At Segera, turn right and follow the Arusha instructions above.

Or: Follow the main road to Chalinzi and at the Morogoro/Segera junction, drive towards Segera. After approximately 113kms, at the small town of Mkata, you turn right onto a dirt road which takes you to the coastal town of Mkwaja. Continue on the dirt road to Pangani, passing the small villages of Sakura & Mikinguni. 

The next village along is Mwera, with sisal fields on your left and two cell phone towers on your right. At the first tower, you will see the junction to the coast on your right. From there you follow the signs all the way to the lodge for the last 8 kms.

Public Transport

Emayani Beach Lodge is reachable by public tranport, though we advise early morning travel to increase your chances for better transport connections. From whatever direction, your best option is to take the bus to Tanga and from there travel on to Pangani by dala dala or minibus. Buses leave from the main terminal for Pangani until 1500hrs.

Once in Pangani, asked to be dropped off at the ferry to reach the other side of the river. Then take a dala dala or “boda boda” (motorcycle) to Ushongo. Give us a call once you reach Ushongo. 

Another option is to phone Mohamed for a taxi transfer from Tanga or Pangani/ferry. See box for contact details.